A little chip or crack in your windshield may seem like a minor problem, one of those things that’s easy to procrastinate about. But don’t be fooled, that damage is more than just a visual blemish! Left un-repaired it presents more of a potential danger and cost than most people are aware of. That’s why at First Call Auto Glass, our core philosophy lies with the safety of our staff and customers. We take pride in delivering the windshield repairs in Encinitas that are convenient and affordable.

Windshield Repairs In Encinitas Or Full Replacement?

Several variables determine whether or not you can get back on the road with a simple or repair or if a full replacement is needed. Either way, you can count on First Call Auto Glass’s certified technicians and guaranteed products and procedures. Factors to consider whether windshield repairs in Encinitas or replacement is needed:

  • Replacement may be a better option if damages are in the line of sight.
  • Chips and cracks are more successfully repaired the newer they are.
  • Most chips smaller than a 50-cent piece can be repaired.
  • Moisture can make cracks & breaks more difficult to repair.

Why Your Windshield is Important

Windshield repairs in Encinitas are important in keeping your auto glass up to standards for safety reasons amongst others. Windshields today are far more than glass, and they do more than just keep wind and insects out of your face.  A structurally intact windshield is a key element of not just the form but also the function of your automobile.

  • In a front-end collision, provides up to 45 percent of the cabin’s structural integrity and 60 percent in a rollover.
  • Prevents passenger ejection.
  • Supports the vehicle’s cabin and structure.
  • Helps airbag systems function optimally.

For these reasons and more, getting windshield repairs in Encinitas is crucial.

Safety First With First Call Auto Glass

First Call Auto Glass has been family owned and operated for over 40 years. And what that means to you is consistency in our standards, and exceptional customer service. Reasons why Encinitas residents choose us:

  • Proper Adhesives—we use industry standard materials.
  • “Safe Drive-away” Times—ours is guaranteed dry and completely sealed within 1 hour.
  • Certified Technicians with National Glass Association Specifications.
  • Approved installation techniques and cold weather installation guidelines.
  • Quality replacement products for factory specifications and safety standards.

Remember, when it comes right down to it, your windshield could literally play a role in saving your life. Not all auto glass repair shops are alike, and First Call stands above the rest. For windshield repairs in Encinitas make sure your shop of choice adheres to important guidelines. Including the federal safety standards for auto glass installation and that they will also guarantee their work. At First Call Autoglass, you can count on all this and more. We look forward to answering any and all of your questions, so contact us today!