Have an auto glass insurance claim? Call us. We can file it for you. We are approved and recommended by most insurance companies to repair or replace your auto glass. Just call with your policy number and we will quickly contact your insurance company with you on the line and quickly process your auto glass claim.

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    We will contact your insured as soon as possible. We will earn authorization from your T.P.A. and bill electronically. Our process will provide a great claims experience for your insured.

    Why Choose First Call Auto Glass?

    • Professional Service
    • OEM Adhesive Systems
    • Insurance Company Approved
    • Free Mobile Service
    • Bathroom Modification
    • 1 Hour Safe Drive-Away Installs
    • Same Day Service
    • Locally Owned And Operated
    • Lynx Services
    • AGRSS Certified
    • PROSTARS Certified