When you find out that a tree branch has fallen on a vehicle, causing damage to the windshield, it is time to contact a San Diego mobile auto glass repair specialist for assistance. You might think that it is safe to drive a vehicle that has a chipped or cracked windshield, but it is dangerous to travel along any street with damaged glass.

A windshield provides vital protection for a driver and passengers while they are traveling. Some of these types of protection include:

• Preventing injuries during a vehicle collision
• Preventing injuries from flying projectiles
• Protection from inclement weather
• Protection from ultraviolet rays

To make sure auto glass repair is performed correctly, hire licensed technicians who have the correct equipment. You want to hire a company that follows federal mobile windshield repair regulations that are designed to keep passengers and a driver safe during collisions or rollovers.

Provide Your Vehicle Insurance Information

Today, auto glass repair is completed using laminated safety glass that has sandwiched layers of materials for additional protection from injuries. Windshield glass is an important part of a vehicle’s features such as air bags, rain sensors or antennas. When you call a mobile windshield repair company, have your vehicle insurance information ready along with the year and model of your automobile. With this information, a technician is able to select the correct windshield glass and sealants to bring to your location.

Damage that Requires Windshield Replacement

A San Diego mobile auto glass repair process is quick with a technician using a specialized tool to inject a resin between the sandwiched layers of glass. After the resin cures, it is almost 100 percent clear, making it easy to see through the glass. In some cases, an auto glass repair requires the installation of a new windshield to ensure your safety while on the road. Here are the types of damage that require a total windshield replacement:

• Chips and cracks on the edges of the glass
• Damage that is contaminated with debris
• Damage that is directly in front of the driver’s view
• Damage near an internal antenna or over a rain sensor
• Damage on the inside or both sides of the windshield

Call Us for Fast Windshield Service

With the modern equipment used by the technicians working for First Call Auto Glass located in Oceanside, Calif., we are able to replace or repair a windshield in approximately one hour. After completing a mobile windshield repair, we perform diagnostic tests to determine if the sealants or resins have dried enough to keep the glass in place at high speeds. For professional auto glass repair, call us at 760-724-0100.