Auto Glass Repair Makes a Vehicle Safer to Drive

Parking your vehicle underneath a tree in the summer is a great way to keep its interior cooler, but if a branch breaks, then it might break the automobile’s windshield. Experts recommend having a damaged windshield repaired or replaced immediately to avoid an injury from a projectile. Today, mobile windshield repair is the best solution for this problem because a technician drives to your location to inject resins into the cracked windshield, or they can replace a windshield with new glass in approximately one hour. While you might feel traumatized by having a broken windshield, it is a common occurrence, and a knowledgeable technician makes the auto glass repair process smooth and easy.

Some Damage Is Too Difficult to Fix

It is possible to make repairs to a small hole or crack in a vehicle’s windshield, but it is impossible to make repairs for these problems:

• Chips and cracks on the edge of a windshield
• Cracks that are filled with debris
• Long cracks that are located anywhere on the glass
• Multiple cracks on the windshield
• Damage on the glass in the driver’s viewing area
• Damage near the internal radio antenna
• Damage on the interior and exterior of the glass
• Damage over the rain sensor
• Cracks and holes on the inside of the windshield

Types of Windshield Damage That Are Repairable

A technician will inspect a windshield and measure the damage to determine if auto glass repair is possible. Damage that is repairable includes:

• A star-shaped pit
• Crack chips
• Dings
• Linear cracks
• Circular bull’s-eye

When a technician is able to apply resins to a windshield to make a repair, the glass remains on your vehicle during the process. However, if there is extensive damage to the glass, then the technician will remove the broken windshield to replace it with a new one. An Oceanside mobile auto glass repair technician will have specialized equipment to complete this process in any location where your vehicle is parked.

First Call Auto Glass Can Fix or Replace a Windshield Today

For over 40 Years, First Call Auto Glass located in Oceanside, Calif., has offered auto glass repair. Our business wants to provide the best windshield replacement and repair in the area by offering friendly and professional service. To ensure that a vehicle has the highest quality mobile windshield repair, our technicians use the finest materials such as Carlite or Pilkington. To make an auto glass repair quickly, we select adhesives that dry rapidly, making it possible for our customers to have a windshield replaced efficiently. To request an estimate for a mobile windshield repair, contact us at 760-724-0100 or use our website’s online form.