It’s happens to everyone at some point in their driving life. Your driving down the highway when BOOM! The nearby truck just passed by and with it flung up a piece of concrete or rock, chipping your windshield. Driving or riding in a vehicle with damaged or missing glass is dangerous, and should require repair immediately. Calling a tow truck is not only expensive, but also can be quite time-consuming. Fortunately, auto glass experts of Oceanside got you covered! First Call Auto Glass experts are prepared to drive to a customer’s home or business to make a repair or replacement of damaged glass. Only the experts that replace or repair windshields keep a variety of supplies and tools ready on trucks and hand.

First Call Auto Glass Experts Of Oceanside Are Simply The Best

Safety – We use the best adhesives in the market place to assure your families safety first & foremost. We also use one hour safe driveway adhesive to assure your vehicle is restored to factory specifications.

Service – With your first call, your questions will be answered by our knowledgeable experts with over 40 years experience. Let us put your mind to rest knowing your vehicles auto glass in not compromised. Our trained and educated team will walk you through the short process to get your auto glass needs handled fast and efficiently.

Certifications – Our policy at First Call Auto Glass is to only employ professionals in the industry that have been certified through NGA standard. All experts working for First Call Auto Glass have National Glass Association certification so to understand how to select and use the correct windshield glass and adhesive.

Techniques & Training – We invest in the best tools available worldwide for our experts to assure proper auto glass installations. Furthermore, our auto glass experts of Oceanside are trained with adhesive representatives to learn new techniques in this ever-changing industry.

Contact First Call Auto Glass And Get Back On The Road

The best auto glass experts of Oceanside can be found at First Call Auto Glass. With over 40 years of service, this family operated business has an excellent reputation. For not only being able to answer customer’s questions, but for also using the best adhesives and glass in the industry. Customers can contact First Call Auto Glass with an online form or call the business directly at (760) 724-0100. Our family at First Call Auto Glass is committed to your family’s safety first. Let us prove why our auto glass experts of Oceanside got you covered!