FAQs of Auto Glass Repair

Consumer Information About Auto Glass

If the quote your getting is substantially lower then the rest, ask yourself what corner are they cutting to do it for this price. (I. g) Lack of experience by Technician, poor quality aftermarket glass with poor clarity, fit, or trim. Or simply lack of experience of the person quoting you.

When it's time to replace or repair the windshield in your vehicle, don't be fooled into thinking that ALL auto glass and ALL auto glass shops are the same. They aren't! Today's windshield does more than keep the wind and rain out of your vehicle. It's an integral part of the functionality of your airbag system...

How can you be assured of a safe and quality installation? Take advantage of the windshield safety checklist. Ask the auto glass shop that will be performing the work on your vehicle if they can pass this test... Glass type? Is it Pilkington, PPG, Carlite, or FYG? Or is it another of lesser quality. 1 Hour safe drive away adhesive? Are the Technicians all certified & ask to see there NGA card.

How to tell if your windshield can be repaired or does it need replacing? Some small stone chips or star breaks can be repaired saving you and your insurance company the costs of replacing the windshield.There are several pointers to determining...

Auto Glass Windshield Replacement Safety

Choosing a local auto glass repair and windshield replacement shop that guarantees you a safe and properly installed windshield is important to your safety. 

Why You Should You be Concerned About Safety When Getting Your Windshield Replaced...Today's windshield does more than keep the rain, wind and bugs out while providing good visibility... It is an engineered system performing critical functions in the design of your vehicle.

Keeps passengers safe
• Part of the airbag system
• Provides roof-crush resistance
• Prevents passenger ejection

Provides aesthetics and comfort
• Contour shapes
• Tinted and solar control glass
• Rain sensing capability
• Built-in antennas
• defogging and defrosting

Increases visibility
• Large glass parts with precise, complex bends

Getting a new windshield in your car can be as simple as making one phone call... Just be sure the auto glass repair shop you choose understands and follows the federal safety standards for auto glass installation.

Choose a local auto glass repair and windshield replacement shop that guarantees you a safe and properly installed windshield. Be sure the auto glass shop you choose follows these procedures and acknowledges them in a Windshield Checklist for your convenience.

• Use Approved installation techniques
• Use Proper Adhesives
• Follow Cold weather installation guidelines
• Adhere to "Safe Drive-away" Times
• Use Quality replacement products